Serralunga offers its clients a brand new custom service of landscape design for both publics and privates.

For information about how to furnish your environments you only need to send an email to info@serralunga.it


You will receive a proposal designed and developed by the staff Serralunga that, with a graphic rendering, will present an ideal setting to optimize spaces and to enhance the products of interior and garden furniture (estimated time of completion 10 days - upon receipt of complete project material from client ).


Design lamps, garden furniture, illuminated pots, sofas, chairs.. the whole world Serralunga is ready to enhance and optimize your outdoor spaces. 


The spirit of research and the passion for technology, together with the productive tradition, are the fundamentals of the brand Serralunga that, through the outdoor design, celebrates the Design Made in Italy.

The result is a combination of shapes and unique interpretations capable of transforming a purely functional object into a stunning piece of furniture making the Urban Outdoors also beautiful and comfortable as the Indoor Design.


It's possibile to realize: garden design, landscape design, balconies design, terraces design.