Serralunga collaborates with interior designers, together they realize outdoor patio furniture objects which can be used both inside and outside.


Its illuminated pots, large planters and Italian sofas have been chosen for prestigious projects signed by famous architects and interior designers.


The renowned Studio Brandon Architects realized a project in Corona Del Mar. It's a Modern Duplex on an interior lot that incorporates an open layout with plenty of modern custom details. 


The units have a large amount of exterior glazing allowing plenty of natural light. It's all about contrast, light and dark, warm combinations flanked by cold materials like plastic and minimal objects.


The interiors incorporates unique materials, design icons mix themselves up and the result is full harmony. For one of the living rooms the Studio chose the Italian outdoor sofa and armchair Sirchester by Deepdesign. A nice touch of bright modernity enlivened by the warmth of an artificial fire enclosed in a natural frame: wood, grass and live stone.


An outstanding project, an extraordinary visual impact, a reunion of the pillars of design furniture history.