Iran calls, Made in Italy responds (... and Serralunga already had its own say!)

Decor and design: besides Italy, there's more. There are "less traditional" foreign markets to aim at in order to expand the business. So, last May, FederlegnoArredo has brought Made in Italy companies in Tehran for a series of individual B2B meetings, highlighting a powerful new scenario for the Italian furniture, Iran. 


The initiative highlighted message is loud and clear: the Iranian capital represents an interesting emerging market with huge potential for all designers, decorators and people of the Italian industry in the world of furniture. 

Serralunga knows something about it as it is well-established in Theran with a Showroom. Zenth Dimension  is the agent of Biella's company specialized in outdoor and interior design, of which exposes the original and creative pieces by giving a real perception of them in a dynamic exhibition hall. Each item is successfully inserted into the real functional context and can be seen first-hand from customers. 


It seems that with this showroom Serralunga has speeded things up and is ahead of time. In fact, field studies foresee that Italian companies which are now able to position themselves in Iran's furniture market will benefit from competitive advantages when the international embargo will be ceased. Meanwhile, with the election of President Hassan Rohani in 2013, Iran has open up to a dialogue with the Western market and the potentials for Italian companies are big. Just the capital is a metropolis of 12 million inhabitants, of which about one million are millionaires, with a wide range of consumers who are particularly interested and attentive to Made in Italy


Experts advice is to get ahead of the game compared to the global competition and seize the opportunities right away. Serralunga, icon of design Made in Italy made of research, technology and manufacturing tradition, it proves itself to be certainly prepared, such prepared to be operative in Iranian land even with a second showroom in Shiraz, through which it spreads the surplus value of Italian style and creativity and consolidates its presence in the Middle East. 


The strategic importance of catching this wave of real estate and economic development is endorsed and supported by the five-year agreement signed between Pordenone Fiere and the Fair of Tehran: the event "Contract Made in Italy", which will be included in the 2015 edition inside the International Exhibition of Modern House, Architecture, Interior Design in Tehran, will open up "to the entire industry of wood-furniture and Italian contract, where there will be important business opportunities in the expanding Iranian real estate, both public and private» says Peter Piccinetti - Pordenone Fiere. 


We are ready!