Once upon a time there was Lady Jane. Daughter of Serralunga's big family of outdoor lighting design. Lady Jane was born as a floor lamp, vain and of great beauty. It always had a determined and ambitious character and features of strong impact. As for every prima donna, regarding outdoor design ideas, it always manages to steal the scene, standing out thanks to its decorations that, being created using a specific engraving method invented by Serralunga, give a scenographic effect of lights and shadow, which is as unique as it is.

It was its own ambition to make it also protagonist of the indoor furnishing, besides being it for the outdoor design ideas.


There are an infinite number of outdoor lighting design. Lady Jane stands out thanks to its surface, which, if lacquered, makes it perfect for furnishing the most chic indoor spaces, enhancing and enlightening them with elegance.

Mustique Island is an example, a small private island in the Antilles, situated between the Carribean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. A couple of Lady Janes, red lacquered, are owners or the scene in the living room of the house. The lighting they give is magic.


Lady Jane's sisters are Lady Mary, Grand MaryAunt Jane and the youngest, Miss Jane.


Serralunga offers a wide light collection, composed of floor outdoor lighting design of various dimensions and of hanging ones too. Each lamp is perfect for every usage, indoor or outdoor.