Master of design: Serralunga docet

It's been, and it will be, a long a hot summer for Serralunga: sure, no thanks to the temperatures, but certainly for the events to which we took part in and we are working for in order to start a TOP autumn coming back from the holidays.


For the third time Serralunga will take part as partner in Arketipos (Bergamo, September 6th to 24th, 2014): the international event dedicated to landscape architecture. Moreover, September 10th to 12th we will be in Padua for Flormart, with a booth that focuses on the creation of green spaces and last, but not least, we will participate to the Fair of Voronezh (Russia) focused on urban major infrastructure.


On the other hand, June and July has already been the set of two important International events we took part in. The last one, Moscow Flower Show (July 6th to 13th), in which Serralunga had the honour to represent the Outdoor Design Made in Italy to professionals of architecture and landscape design coming from all over the world.


Just before (Sidney, July 22nd to 24th), it was the turn of Rotomould 2014: the annual conference of ARMA - Association of Rotational Moulders Australia - which hosted Marco Serralunga as a VIP guest who explained the role of Serralunga in the Outdoor Design market and the context in which it operates since 1825.


As a spokesman of original and high quality Made in Italy, the principles he shared with the International audience can be summed up in a few quotes of great impact and capable of synthesizing a life and business path that lasts since almost two hundred years: 


  • You must play with technique and not be a slave to it
  • Dynamic Tradition
  • Invent is the conclusion of research
  • Problems are messages
  • The true realist is the visionary


The idea of "Italianness" emerged from the speech is very clear and deeply significative if you read it as the manifesto of interior and outdoor furniture of Serralunga. First of all, creativity, meant as constant research and innovation, along with the rejection of banality and above all as a «non reproduction of models of success». Point is, to work in the world of design means to start and endless journey. 


And more, "Italianness" meant as the ability to combine beauty and refinement with functionality and ease-to-use of the objects: «[...] the idea becomes reality, comes to terms with the subject or rather it's constraints (for example: cost), translating the ancient Italian art of getting-by, the broker of compromise». Without forgetting cornerstones as attention for materials, details and handcraft precision; passion, warmth and irony of Italian Style famous all over the world; and last, but not least, the continuum that has always united the tradition and innovation of Serralunga's collections esteemed in the whole world. So much so that the company is known as pioneer of its own field and, more than that, imitated.


However, the thing that nobody can imitate is our network of designers and partners: national and international renowned professionals that, trough the years, gave life to unique collections. Exactly because we are aware of the power of continuous social relations and collaborations, one of our future goal is "social networking". Even this is a form of innovation: to use technologies in order to dialogue online directly with designers and design lovers, with all the people who have something to say or share!