Serralunga and Salone del Libro di Torino (Lingotto Fiere from Thursday 14th to Monday 18th May, 2015). A winning union that also this year will be proposed again at the green booth of AIAPP (Associazione Italiana Architetti del paesaggio - the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture) which for this XXVIII edition carries the name of "Piedmont, landscapes, stories and wonders", placed at Pavilion 5.


The new space is dedicated to the discovery of the landscape and to a wide reflection on the themes that see it as a protagonist in the more general context of Italy's Wonders and on the debate on their protection and enhancement.


Serralunga cares a lot about the collaborations with the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture. The environment in which we live shapes us; to protect the landscape means to protect ourselves.


Every year at AIAPP's booth, entirely fitted out with outdoor patio furniture such as garden chairs, outdoor tables and garden planters by Serralunga, there we discuss of very important themes.

This year the booth will be enriched by a new product presented at Salone del Mobile: Play Wood garden bench by Ricardo Bello Diaz.

The events will take place in a unique reserved area inside the Salone where visitors will find conference halls, relax areas, green areas, play areas where is possible to attend the events and enjoy original aperitifs.


This year Serralunga organized a speech "New designs for contemporary landscapes" by Architect and Designer Paolo Rizzatto. Serralunga has a special relationship with this designer in fact he is one of the first designers to ever collaborate with the Company, contributing to its launch in the world of design. Paolo Rizzato designed some must-haves of Serralunga's design collection among which some best sellers: New Pot garden planters' collection and Giulietta & Romeo garden benches .

The conference with the designer is scheduled for Saturday 16th May at 5 pm.


The Salone will be characterized by dialogue, reflections and awareness on the theme of landscape in all its forms since the landscape feeds our planet.