A design characterized by strong and elegant volumes. Joan Gaspar talked with us about his passions and his projects, starting with the ones from the past.


Joan Gaspar, Spanish designer and interior designer. He designs lamps, bookcases, washbasin and especially chairs.

His name was selected many times on the occasion of the FAD Awards. In 2001 he won the Delta d'Argento award for the lamp series Atlas made by Marset Iluminación. For the same company he won again the award in 2004 for the Neón de Luz luminaire.

For  Serralunga he created PicNic and Luna, a lamp the former, an "illuminated flower box" the latter.


1. Often during your interviews you described yourself as "impatient". Is it true for your personal life and also at work?

Yes, very much. Impatience is the peculiarity of my whole life. It has been also the reason why I chose design instead of architecture.

I would have really liked being an architect. I even got into college but, especially at the beginning, I realized that I would have had not a lot of study and design to do. Design was and still is the most immediate, passionate, discipline of heart that anyone could learn self-taught; it doesn't need neither an educational background nor a client. You can draw everything you want and then build it with your own hands. That is the spontaneity that totally got me. Today being able to dedicate myself to design, for me, is a blessing.


2. What do you choose between architecture and design?


Both of them! I like observing architecture but I don't really ask myself a lot of questions about it; if I do, I would only ask myself if I like something or not. On the other hand, I analyze a drawing from a professional point of view, I scrutinize it, in both shape and used material, which has for me absolute importance. I check the final result considering the possibility of an ulterior improvement if I use one material instead of another one.

It is important to consider if the product follows the brand that will propose it.


3. What satisfy you the most, indoor or outdoor design?


Both of them. About designing oudoor products I am interested about the change of scale and the fact that you take objects that are traditionally for indoors and convert them into outdoors products. This inversion of the environment inspires and amuse me, but nothing is easy..


4. Which are the materials that you prefer to work with?


Actually I don't really have a preference: I find every material interesting, you only need to be able to use it properly and apply it coherently and with a proper criterion. The selection of the materials or of the industrial processes is part of the experience of a designer, this is really a very important and transcendental point. I believe that you have to be competent in choosing which materials will be able to strengthen a concept and leave behind the ones that could produce an opposite result: it is a fundamental part of the language of my job. Ù


5. Your collaboration with Serralunga started in 2010. Between PicNic and Luna which one do you prefer?


They are very different: PicNic is more self-confident and surprising, I think it has a really strong emotional appeal; Luna is more conceptual, it wants to brighten a limited green space and of alternative shape, but actually it is itself a lamp with its own incorporated green space. Compared to PicNic, from a conceptual point of view, it certainly is a more ambitious product.


6. How did you get the idea for PicNic and why did you choose this name?


Do you remember the lamps that had the base made with a ceramic vase and the top with a canvas lampshade? Lamps that can still be homemade? That's where I get the idea of PicNic.

In PicNic the concept is the same but developed in a more direct and contemporary way, using the possibility of the rotational technique to the maximum, but the purpose is also pleasant and provokes an immediate smile.

The idea of the name came from Marco Serralunga's insistence; he wanted a name that would evoke the external environment and the outdoor life. I thought of a picnic, I suggested it to Marco and he liked it. I adore this name.


7. Which is the ideal environment where you would like to see PicNic?


The though character of this lamp makes me think of it well located in bars terraces and in restaurants on the beach, it also puts up with bad weather and this is due to the way the elements that compose it are created and assembled. PicNic is a product that enhances every environment and Serralung has a fantastic range of colors that well adapts to different scenarios. If you want, the colors combines very well with each other. With no doubt it is a very versatile object.


8. Your childhood dream.


A long trip on the road by motorbike, let's say for one year, more or less.


9. Projects in progress?


A lot. It's impossible that I realize each one of them. It is important to always have a busy mind, think about new things, but this does not have to become an obsession. The greatest idea is always coming your way and if it doesn't, there are always a motobike and life.


Thank you Joan!