Why a pot has to be only a pot?

Let's imagine a garden planter that has both basic or particular shapes; an outdoor flower box made by the expert hands of International designers and by cutting edge processing techniques; an illuminated sphere that indicate the way to follow.

Welcome to the world of Serralunga 1825, an place lighted up by a strong tradition that became an icon of design.


1825 Collection is dedicate to the nature; it represents the beginning of the history of our Company. An adventure rich of emotions and daydreams, sustained by the passion for design and supported by prestigious names of the world of International design.


During the years, our products have spoken for us. As spokesmen for Made in Italy, Atmosfera, New Pot, Cubotti, Kabin and Paloma, are the most desired between Serralunga's pots and design complements.

They have the fortune of furnishing both indoors and outdoors creating ambitious and fascinating situations, arousing interest and curiosity.


The garden planters of Serralunga 1825 Collection are practical and quality objects, they last in time and they are designed with attention to detail.


Simple and timeless. This is what Serralunga 1825 is for us.