Our biggest satisfaction is receiving pictures of settings from our clients in which there are Serralunga garden design products. An illuminated pot for the garden, outdoor garden lights, outdoor chairs and sofas.. every kind of garden pot ideas: the more, the better!


We believe each Serralunga product has its own soul and we love to see how it moulds itself to the style and imagination you have.


Marianna transformed Floret in "Chaplin Floret". It seems like wearing that hat it's its creation duty!

Annie created a small Christmas corner in her terrace: Top Pot Hard is the big protagonist. She had one of the most beautiful garden pot ideas!

Moving on, Federica's garden design is so magical. In her garden, Atmosfera perfectly reminds us of the moon easing down to the grass. A fairy-tale environment, almost surreal, where outdoor garden lights are used as mystic objects.

Another successful garden pot idea is the one from Peter where outdoor illuminated pot Cubotti Light 3 welcomes guests with elegance.

Let's conclude with Zen Vas-one. Thank you Luke for the picture and for the magnificent setting. Vas-one is our favorite garden pot but don't tell anyone!


It's so beautiful that when you buy a garden design object, not only enrich you the garden, but also

it expresses warmth thanks to its brightness, its huge personality.. your personality. It can change according to its context, its color and season, it's part of the soul of your house, of you and also a little bit of us, Serralunga.