Serralunga presents "The Art of Design" at MART

Serralunga and MART - Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto they've always shared a common philosophy: the belief that contemporary art and design represent a continuum. A radiating flow of an expressive and innovative power that doesn't just give meaning to spaces, but even proves to be able to invade many aspects of human life, even able to improve it.  


Today, these two analogous philosophical paths meet in a direct dialogue that pushes the centuries-old game of intersections, exchanges and juxtapositions between art forms and furnishings to the nth degree. Serralunga in fact, is pleased to announce the agreement with the Mart which, for the Biella company that is global icon of outdoor design Made in Italy, represents a unique opportunity to put their collections in a context full of prestige and charm, in which you can breathe culture. Mart, for its part, takes advantage of enhancing the square in front of the building with original pieces of innovative and elegant design. 


All along, design and art are "on familiar speaking terms" with each other, they play a fluid game of shapes and colours borrowing from each other semantic universes, chatting about concepts and emotions that Serralunga and Mart staged at the artistic and cultural heart of Trento and Rovereto: beauty, originality, pleasure, harmony, innovation, avant-garde. 


Mart displays Serralunga Collection armchairs and sofas Sirchester and Missed Tree vases in white and green colours. Dominated by the sky and the sun shining through the window of the high dome, they seem to build a path in the direction of the artworks in the museum, announcing their atmosphere of taste and refinement. 


The art of design is therefore staged at MART: ladies and gentlemen, you just need to sit back and enjoy the show of styles, art objects and furniture components that draw inspiration from each other vigorously enhancing their respective expression.