Social and Digital: Serralunga said yes!

To celebrate the 15,000 candles on Facebook, today we want to thank all of our fans and talk about ... social networks. 


The fact that both design and furniture market worlds have completely gotten into the social platforms' spirit and the digital soul of contemporary marketing, has been demonstrated every day by the boom of apps created for professionals and this market's lovers; by the online social community which are getting more and more popular; by the social networks created specifically for designaholics. All virtual spaces where companies can interact with the target, which is not a target anymore but a real person with passion and emotion, strongly attracted by the opportunity of sharing their passion or work, experience and discuss, find inspiration and contamination, share their projects, creations and ideas. And it gets viral right away.


The opportunities to operate into the world of interior design through social and digital ways are numerous, the web is full of occasions as for example, among one of the most ambitious projects, Italian Furniture Design, the digital fair of furniture with social networking features: the event is dedicated to interior architecture and design "to do business directly from the office."


And yet, the number of people, especially of young age, who choose the Internet as a place to purchase trendy accessories to furnish their houses, seems to constantly increase. Since a couple of years, the conferences on the intense and passionate relationship between social networks, furniture and design became undeniable meetings during the most important events and fairs. Meanwhile, the network now rages on the cry of  "Decorating the house? Do it by tablet / smartphone!


... This is the digital overview in the interior's world, but what's happening in the universe of the outdoor design?


Serralunga, which recently reached 15,000 fans on Facebook, certainly has a say about it: first of all: thank you! We understood the importance of direct dialogue with our fans, experts and laymen, that sometimes turn into precious sources of ideas and inspiration if you offer them some room and a bit 'of visibility.


As the company icon of the outdoor design Made in Italy, this is our goal for 2014-2015: listen to the people - the wide network of partners, professionals, enthusiasts and all the users in general; talk with them about issues of common interest; advise and provide useful information; guide them in choosing the right product, more suitable for them and their spaces. To do this, we chose the most direct and effective mean: Internet, through blogs and social networks, well aware of the special relationship that exists between these platforms, furniture and design.


Encouraged by the good results achieved on facebook, we are planning some interesting contents and initiatives to dialogue with "digitalistas" users and partners... stay tuned!