Furnishing accessories are those little stylish touches defining the character of a house. Clothes hangers, designer chairs, lit pots, paintings, carpets, umbrella stands and ashtrays: all these objects are chosen according to one's taste and enhanced by a perfect play of light and colour.


Small design accessories complete and customise spaces. A white wall can be embellished by a big colourful clock, an empty corner, a striking object or a shadow point; or enlivened by a designer lamp with original details or by a lit pot.

Interiors and exteriors look at each other proudly thanks to their design accessories.


Little furnishing accessories for interior and outdoor design


Bingo is an interior design item; it is a number, or many numbers, to be used as a street number or a big place card in trendy places, or to create a giant clock!

Plomb is a roundish umbrella stand designed in an ironic and functional manner by Karim Rashid. Ashtray reminds of a pot, but it is actually an ashtray created by the hands of designer Paolo Rizzato. Then comes Ramo, a garden ladder, a clothes hanger, a sculptural element and whatever your fantasy can imagine.

Pulcino and Doggy, playful "seats" and faithful friends, are for babies.


At times, choosing furnishing accessories may turn out to be harder than choosing furniture itself. This is why Serralunga is providing its customers with the experience and creativity of internationally renowned designers, who, together with the Company, have created small accessories that rejuvenate spaces, giving them a touch of design and modernity.