Think about a new way of living indoor and outdoor spaces. An object of design that revolutionizes the concept of furnishing a garden, a living space, a public area like a hotel hall, the lounge of an office, a restaurant. A perfect match between architecture and nature, shapes and objects.


We are talking about the world of "vertical green". Design objects that give space to the plants they contain in order to express the worth and the beauty of nature and the feelings it gives.


Serralunga expresses the concept of "vertical green" through 2 new design products, conceived to enhance the blooming power of the nature: NetLight design pots and the innovative GreenPills, introduced at Salone del Mobile Milano and exhibited at Expo Milano 2015.


NetLight design pot designed by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi has a soul divided into two parts: a luminous vase on top and a steel net, painted red, structure below, where the green heart of the pot can cling to and beat. 


GreenPills are a modular element for the building of vertical green systems, green roofs and green walls realized from Serralunga in collaboration with ZPZ Partners. They can be used individually or as a decorative element, both for outdoors or indoors. With GreenPills there's no limit to creativity, to passion for innovation and to the beauty of nature.


The "vertical green" is able to customize any kind of environment, private or public. The world's most expert landscape architects use these design accessories in order to give the environments the effects of colors and shapes. The "vertical green" favors the physical and mental wellness thanks to the power that its fragrance and colors transmit. All this results in a bigger inspiration in the working places and a greater relax in domestic environments.

Plants are beings with huge powers.


Design pots NetLight and GreenPills  are the innovative and concrete response to the needs of green spaces in private and urban areas. A fully natural concept of art: people-oriented.