Italy gives breath-taking landscapes. Florence is a wealth of history, rich of fascinating sites and spots in which it's easy to get lost. Together with Architect Virginia Neri, Serralunga had the pleasure to furnish with its luxury outdoor furniture products a terrace of a beautiful penthouse provided with a breath-taking view.


We asked ourselves how to furnish a terrace of a luxury apartment. We could have made infinite different choices considering that a lot of our garden design products can be included in the category of "luxury outdoor furniture". Anyway we were sure only a few of them would have flawlessly decorated the terrace. Our work began right from this concept.


Serralunga is a 1825 company with several years of experience in the garden design. We "witnessed" many outdoor luxury furniture with our products of garden design. Some were perfect for  vintage settings, others for valuing a modern furniture, still others transformed extraordinary settings in unique ones.


The perfect example is the penthouse in Florence, with view on the main synagogue of the city. A setting that speaks for itself. The modern furnishing merges itself perfectly with the context rich of art, history and nature. The outdoor design becomes the eye through which you can look beyond.


Among our luxury outdoor furniture, four of our garden design products of Collection Design Pots and Collection Design Furniture have been selected.


Every product is the precious work of important designers. Among the others, Holly All by Philippe Starck stands out, which not only is a pot but also a sculptural figure that can be used as a comfortable seat. It's perfect for enhancing the fairy context as it is elegant, sinuous, has an artistic shape: a daughter of the art. Moving on, different sizes of Flow by Zaha Hadid dance in front of the sunset, as flowers moved by the wind. Futuristic vases for a very historical context: a wonderful contradiction.

The setting is also valued by the clean, linear and upholstered One sofa by Marc Sadler. Last but not least there's the one and only Porcino by Aldo Cibic, small and joyous multipurpose stool.


This is how furnishing a terrace becomes magic; where the modern furniture becomes only a complement and not the protagonist. In luxury outdoor settings the products of garden design capture the scene as they are guards in the presence of the art. On the other hand, design itself is a form of art.