Plant pots Liscio Siena

The beauty of exact proportions, in contrast with its natural material surface. Burnt earth and colours in harmony, with the softness of Tuscan terracotta. This describes the appearance of the Liscio Siena plant pots in the Serralunga 1825 garden décor collection.

The pot has a wrinkled skin, as if it were handmade: the special processing method gives it an “unfinished"" appearance, while the brushed finish gives the pot at elegant ceramic look.

One of the classic models of plant pots par excellence, featuring a slender shape and a simple design. Its size makes it perfect both for potting flowers and plants and for holding cut flowers with long stems. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for use as a cache-pot.

Technical data


  • opachi

    • IWH - Neve di San Candido
    • WH5 - Gesso di Bologna
    • AV - Pietra di Matera
    • NT - Neutro Luce
    • BK - More di rovo
    • AV - Pietra di Matera
    • GG - Pietra delle Dolomiti
    • TO - Tortora di Torino
    • TC - Terracotta toscana
    • IMP - Impruneta classica
    • ICA - Coffee delave
    • ANT - Antracite di Sardegna
    • TC2 - Terracotta classica
    • TC4 - Castoro
    • VMA - Origano di Sardegna
    • WP - Verde Pavone
    • BLP - Blu di Portofino
    • AQM - Acqua della Maddalena
    • AZP - Azzurro Provenza
    • wh - bianco
    • VOC - Olive di Cerignola
    • RO - ROSSO
    • SAV - Salvia di Sardegna
    • COR - Corten
  • colori speciali

    • ICA - Coffee delave