Outdoor design planters Lounge Cube

Starting with the simplest and most defined of shapes, the cube, functional garden furniture solutions have been studied, in order to transform a fixed, immovable object into a dynamic, functional product. The cube was designed explicitly as a seat, ideal for satisfying the need for extremely practical patio furniture for outdoor use. In particular, the Lounge Cube Collection, which includes cubes of two different sizes, enriches the company’s luxury furniture product line designed specifically for the garden. The seat, which is slightly curved inwards, gives softness to a rigid form. Moreover, in the illuminated version, the light coming from inside gives the cube a certain lightness.

Technical data


  • opachi

    • IWH - Neve di San Candido
    • WH5 - Gesso di Bologna
    • AV - Pietra di Matera
    • NT - Neutro Luce
    • BK - More di rovo
    • AV - Pietra di Matera
    • GG - Pietra delle Dolomiti
    • TO - Tortora di Torino
    • TC - Terracotta toscana
    • IMP - Impruneta classica
    • ICA - Coffee delave
    • ANT - Antracite di Sardegna
    • TC2 - Terracotta classica
    • TC4 - Terracotta scura
    • VOC - Verde olive di cerignola
    • VMA - Origano di Sardegna
    • WP - Acqua di Panarea
    • BLP - Blu di Portofino
    • AQM - Acqua della Maddalena
    • AZP - Azzurro Provenza
    • wh - bianco
    • VOC - Olive di Cerignola
    • RO - ROSSO
    • SAV - Salvia di Sardegna