Design chairs Ping Pong Pang


Intriguing and delicate. These could be the first adjectives used to describe the new garden chairs that Paolo Rizzatto has designed for Serralunga. Yes indeed, because the design is the result of a brainwave that came to Paolo Rizzatto while he was looking at the typical metal paper clips used in offices.

Is it possible to reproduce a metallic structure that, taking advantage of the flexibility of the material, allows snap-fit mounting of the plastic cushions? The study led to a small work of art of contemporary furniture – strong but light in its proportions and ideal for both outdoor and indoor environments.

The design of these garden chairs is a combination of the metal structure of the legs and the shapes of the plastic seat and backrest component, with the possibility of letting water run away easily without leaving residues or drips. Moreover, the oval hole in the backrest makes it easy to grip and move.

Technical data

OUTER 42 x 53 x 81cm seduta h 47 cm



  • opachi

    • IWH - Neve di San Candido
    • SA - Sabbia di Lipari
    • IV - Pietra di Matera
    • GG - Pietra delle Dolomiti
    • SL - Silver
    • ANT - Antracite di Sardegna
    • BK - More di rovo
    • SAV - Salvia di Sardegna
    • VOC - Olive di Cerignola
    • VMA - Origano di Sardegna
    • TO - Tortora di Torino
    • OR - Arancio
    • AZP - Azzurro Provenza
    • AQM - Acqua della Maddalena
    • BLP - Blu di Portofino
    • VLA - Lavanda del Garda
    • - argento
    • wh - bianco
    • ME - Melanzana di Rotonda
    • PP - Passito di pantelleria
    • RO - ROSSO
    • VOC - Verde olive di cerignola
    • FU - Fucsia
    • AG - Verde Mela