Outdoor Design - Serralunga Timeline

Patio furniture from 1825 to today: a history made of milestones, thanks to which Serralunga has always played a main role in fundamental events of the history of industry and of Italian furniture.
All this has led Serralunga to create original and innovative products, well placed in the sector of luxury furniture, patio furniture, illuminated pots, outdoor sofas; source of inspiration and of pleasantness to the eyes, making the company a leader in the sector or patio furniture.


Serralunga is founded producing leather goods.


Serralunga attends the First World Expo held in Paris, where Giovanbattista Serralunga is an honorary member of the board.


Serralunga begins working with guttaperca, first natural resin, precursor of plastic.


As NATTA wins the Nobel Prize for the invention of Propylene, Serralunga introduces the plastic injection molding.


Serralunga was the first company in Europe to introduce a new technology called Rotational Moulding, thanks to a trip in the USA by Marco Serralunga.


Serralunga has the idea of using an industrial production system for furniture-use objects. Thanks to this process, it begins the plastic industrial production of the handcrafted vase in terracotta.


Presentation of the first design pots collection at the Milan Triennale.


The first iconic out-of-scale vase is produced, still the most copied Original Vase in the world of design pots.


Serralunga creates the first illuminated pot.


Serralunga's Santavase -design by Denis Santachiara- becomes the first vase to be exhibited in an International Museum.


Serralunga Research Office invents and applies the new lacquer techniques.


Introduction of the binomial "wood-plastic": expression of Italian and Scandinavian style.


Sirchester sofa is launched at the Milan Design Week : it is the first sofa capable of lighting up.


New Website Serralunga: the perfect union between tradition and design.