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Autumn Atmosphere

Outdoor furniture dressed in autumn

Hazel colors, coppery orange tones interrupted by some flashes of violet. Nature changes color and with the arrival of the new season, garden furniture also takes on new colors while maintaining its modern design, signed by the greatest designers.

Serralunga, for this new season, offers you sets thought to furnish the garden at discounted prices whose colors are inspired by nature, integrating perfectly with this thanks to its 100% recyclable material.

Browse the category and discover all the details to furnish the garden with a 100% natural design!

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8 Items

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  1. Set - Scarlett
    Set - Scarlett
  2. Set - Bay/juju
    Set - Bay/juju
    As low as €1,058.96
  3. Set - Bordato liscio
    Set - Bordato liscio
    As low as €228.14
  4. Set - lounge cube/loulou
    Set - lounge cube/loulou
    As low as €497.76
  5. Set - Newpot
    Set - Newpot
    As low as €834.48
  6. Set - Bay/Juju/Cup
    Set - Bay/Juju/Cup
    As low as €1,215.12
  7. Set - Solea
    Set - Solea
    As low as €1,012.60
  8. Set - Juju/Pinebeach
    Set - Juju/Pinebeach
    As low as €1,342.00
Grid List

8 Items

Set Descending Direction