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Velvety Finishings

The sophisticated feeling of velvet and the functional beauty of Made in Italy: the idea and the shape come together in a new tactile experience that surprises the senses. Velvety, the new finish for design furniture by Serralunga, gives immediate brilliance to what surrounds it, creating an inimitable royal atmosphere. Velvety is available in three colors, inspired by three elegant and luxurious precious stones: Onyx, Ruby and Emerald. In all its variants, such as velvet, Velvety transforms indoor and outdoor spaces into sophisticated possibilities rich in class and good taste.

The Onyx, Ruby and Emerald colors are suitable for both vases and design furnishings. For example, Lou Lou, Raffaella Mangiarotti table for Serralunga, customized with the new Velvety finish, enriches its simple and attractive shapes with a refined and unexpected taste, which will attract attention during moments of conviviality with guests in the garden.
But also the iconic Vas-Etto, the smallest of the Serralunga garden pots family, designed by Luisa Bocchietto. With the Velvety finish, from a small but elegant container for table flowers, it becomes the focal point of the room or garden, luxurious and charming, in all the colors available.