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Kentia : the social design spacers

The period we are facing, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, is changing our habits, both in our homes and offices, and in public places. Social distancing becomes therefore a must for the new phase and for this, it is necessary to use social spacers, which however express the beauty and design of our wonderful country, making public environments pleasant and safe. A beauty that is part of Italy and of us, Serralunga, which we transmit daily through the realization of design vases and outdoor furniture.

To face up to this theme, we have thus thought of a useful but at the same time beautiful product. Its name is Kentia: a 100% recyclable linear polyethylene panel inspired by the leaves of the Howea forsteriana. Thanks to its essential line, Kentia panel has great versatility and can be used individually or in series to divide space, it can be hung on the wall as a painting or used as a treillage for climbers, both outdoors and indoors. In this way, the spacer becomes not only a functional but also a decorative element, to be customized according to your premises, making it not very invasive. A dividing wall with two steel supports at the base that can be fixed to the floor. Or a self-supporting corner created by joining two panels with proper side hinges. It can be used on the beach (without feet), by the pool, in shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The 4 characteristics of our Kentia panels

Customizable in color

We have multiple fashion colors available, suitable to make the product more pleasant and suitable for your room. In this way you can mark paths or space out tables and people in a totally pleasant way.


All our products, as well as Kentia, are suitable for indoors and outdoors without fearing the weather. The color remains stable because spun-dyed, without undergoing chromatic variations.


It is possible to purchase a single panel equipped with two stainless steel supports or create longer safety barriers by placing two or more panels side by side. Kentia can also be equipped with sturdy hinges to join two panels and thus create self-supporting corner areas (without using feet) that can also be used on sandy soils. 

Attractive design

Pleasant and design spacer, not a simple panel but also a decorative element for your room.