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Luisa Bocchietto-

designer per Serralunga

Luisa Bocchietto, a well-known Italian designer, now president of the World design organization, graduated in 1985 from the Milan Polytechnic with prof. Zanuso. In her long career she has been involved in local development, urban recovery and building renovation projects. He also designs furniture, shops and furnishing accessories, among which the creations for Serralunga stand out.

Its design is essential, clean and versatile, easily adaptable to all styles: classic and modern.

For Serralunga he collaborates for the realization of Vas-Three, Vas-One, Kabin, Giano 


A collection of oriental-inspired vases that evokes the traditional lines of ancient planters. Minimal vases of different sizes that differ in their linearity and versatility


A vase that also becomes a piece of furniture, reminiscent of the classic garden vases but made of polyethylene and revisited in the standard Serralunga colors.


Vas-one is the large vase for large spaces, private or contract. Available in contract or luminous colors, it furnishes, illuminates and acts as containers for plants. A multifunctional object for the design garden.


A functional and beautiful object. Giano is the umbrella stand with an essential and circular design designed to make even an object of common use pleasant.

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  1. Vas-One Family & Big Bo
    Vas-One Family & Big Bo
    As low as €1,019.00
  2. Vas-Three
    As low as €238.00
    As low as €226.00
  4. Kabin Long
    Kabin Long
    As low as €359.00
  5. Kabin High Family
    Kabin High Family
    As low as €264.00
  6. Kabin Family
    Kabin Family
    As low as €145.50