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Philippe Starck

designer for Serralunga

Philippe Starck is a French designer known for his varied talent (he has signed the design of a wide range of different objects and environments) and for his work as an architect. Indeed, from restaurants to hotels, from furniture to spatial modules, Philippe Starck has put his unmistakable signature on over 10,000 projects. In 1983, he was also chosen by the French President Mitterand to redecorate the furnishings of the presidential apartments.

What are the main characteristics of Starck's style?

Philippe Starck has a mission, a vision: whatever form it takes, his creation must improve the lives of as many people as possible. Starck believes that this poetic and political duty, rebellious and benevolent, pragmatic and subversive, must be shared by all. He sums it up with the humor that distinguishes him from the beginning: "Nobody has to be a genius, but everyone has to participate". Starck has developed an international reputation on the basis of its wide range of industrial designs, which often display the same organic, flowing lines as its interior design.

What are your most famous creations?

The various products he has designed include boats for Bénéteau, bottles of mineral water for Glacier, kitchen utensils (especially the Juicy Salif juicer for Alessi), toothbrushes for Fluocaril, suitcases for Samsonite, "Urban Fittings" for Decaux , office furniture for Vitra, televisions for Thomson Multimedia, watches for Fossil, eyeglasses for Alain Mikli and an optical mouse for Microsoft. Starck's vision and design philosophy was best achieved in the products just listed, which were often sold at affordable prices and through mass markets. Rejecting design simply for the sake of beauty or as a symbol of wealth, Starck hoped that his work would improve people's lives by adding an element of humor and surprise to everyday actions such as brushing teeth or cooking. The designer himself has often been featured in advertisements for his products, as his flamboyant and carefree personality embodies the message of his work..

Philippe Starck for Serralunga

Creativity and innovative and modern design are the basis of Starck's work as well as of Serralunga's philosophy. Hollyall, both in her normal and illuminated versions, perfectly embodies her particular point of view and her inevitable sense of humor. It is a vase with soft and particular lines, which would stand out in any environment and would attract everyone's attention because of its unique design. But Hollyall is not "just" a vase, it is a pure product of the Starck style and, precisely for this reason, it is also a seat or a particular sculptural element that fits into outdoor furniture. The hole that opens on the surface, like a porthole, gives lightness and fluidity to the entire element and breaks the continuity of the shapes, creating an object of rare elegance that can be interpreted from different points of view. Serralunga has always worked with the best designers on the international scene and its values of modernity, elegance and uniqueness are well embodied by the work of Philippe Starck.

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