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Pinebeach - Ruby

Pinebeach - Ruby

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Feeling in velvet even outside home with Velvety, the new Serralunga's finish for design furniture. The sophisticated feeling of velvet and the functional beauty of made in Italy: idea and shape are combined in a new tactile experience that surprises the senses. The Velvety finishing, such as velvet, gives immediate prestige to what surrounds it; in the time, ideal to suggest the vintage style.

The Pine Beach line is inspired on the seashore, with its soft, rounded shapes. A rounded, embracing armchair that follows the human body's er-gonomic shape, with a soft and futuristic line. Complete with sofa and armchair, suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. Thanks to their draining system, with a small drain hole for water, it is possible to sit on these pieces even after heavy rain.\nlBoth the sofa and the armchair are also available with inner lighting.\nl\nlMaterial: polyethylene

CHARACTERISTICS: 100% Recyclable Resistant to UV rays and temperature Washable

LLDPE Polyamide coating

L 70 X P/D 66 X H 76