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Raffaella Mangiarotti -

designer per Serralunga

Raffaella Mangiarotti, a well-known Italian designer was born in Genoa but lives and works in Milan, the city where she studied and founded the deepdesign studio together with Matteo Bazzicalupo.

Its soft, humanistic and delicate trait has given life to multiple products ranging in various sectors: from consumer appliances to furnishings. Numerous awards have honored her including ID Award (2004, 2008), Compasso d'Oro Selection (2005), Green Dot Award (2009). For Serralunga he collaborates for the realization of Lou Lou, honey, Babà, Bay, Fence. Urban design furnishing accessories. 

Lou Lou

The simplicity that comes together in a collection of outdoor tables. The collection of low, high, dining outdoor tables with round or square top, in multiple heights and sizes, has simple and harmonious proportions.

The LouLou outdoor tables are proposed with a laminate top, material and extremely resistant.


An outdoor armchair that welcomes in a comfortable seat. Essential in size, it is characterized by a sign on the contours and on the back of the back that follows the seam of a tailored cut.


A collection of portable design lamps that can be taken with you even in places where there is no light. An innovative "lantern", but which does not forget design and beauty.


The Provençal-style outdoor vase that incorporates the classic wooden flower box in a modern key. Customizable in our standard colors, it creates a versatile and modern piece of furniture.

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  2. Bay
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  3. LouLou 30/40/50
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  4. Fence
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