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Ron Arad

designer for Serralunga

Ron Arad is an important and renowned industrial designer, architect and artist, known for his creative and highly innovative design. Among the many achievements for which he is remembered, the Royal Designer for Industry Award of 2002 stands out, in recognition of his "excellence in aesthetic and efficient design for the industry"

What are the main characteristics of Ron Arad's style?

Ron Arad's constant experimentation with the boundaries and possibilities of materials, from metals to composite materials, and his radical re-conception of the shape and structure of objects and buildings, large and small, has placed him at the forefront of design and in contemporary architecture. His early furniture combined materials associated with high-tech style that sought to produce poetic post-industrial "readymades". Whether it's furniture or architecture, everything Arad does demonstrates his belief that design has a responsibility not only for utility, but also for surprising and delighting.

What are your most famous creations?

Some of Arad's early celebrated works include the extraordinary Rover Chair, which was produced by joining two existing pieces together, a seat from the wreckage of a Rover 200 fused with a Kee-Klamp scaffolding frame. Other products, such as the stereo cast in concrete produced in 1983 and the Tinker chair in wrought steel, conquered the London public of the 80s because they were perfect symbols of the social anger of those years, which exploded in the spirit of post-punk nihilism..

I vasi Serralunga disegnati da Ron Arad

The modernity and creativity of Ron Arad's works perfectly match the values underlying Serralunga products.

Perfect example of this winning combination is Top pot hard, winner of the ICFF New-York Design Press-Award, also available in an illuminated version. It is a vase with an original shape which, if well inserted in the surrounding context and enhanced with the right plants, leaves a characteristic and unforgettable imprint within the space that hosts it.

Five cones formed by different textures, inspired by the seabed, make upThe Vases, a real sculpture made of linear low-density polyethylene, which attracts the eye in any context, whether it is an elegant and classic environment or a more modern and minimalist one. Finally, with a less particular but no less iconic shape, Rettangolare O/E is a long and thin garden vase, which can be used as a divider to design environments by dividing spaces: a green divider, like a door between the inside and the outside, to enhance the outdoor spaces.

Serralunga has always worked with the best names in international design, and Ron Arad is a perfect example of the combination of functionality and aesthetics that Serralunga vases can boast of.

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