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Kentia is inspired by the leaf of Howea forsteriana, a tropical plant that is often used for indoor decoration. The panel Kentia thanks to its essential line has a great versatility, used individually or in series can help to separate the spaces, it can be hung on the wall like a painting or used as a trellis for climbing plants both outdoors and indoors.

Kentia, the spacer for public places

Kentia can be used as a safety separation for covid-19.. It is possible to buy a single panel or create a longer safety barrier by hooking one panel to another thanks to the convenient side hinges. Kentia can also be equipped with comfortable feet that guarantee stability, but should not be used on sandy soils.

The product combines utility and design thanks to the multitude of colors available making public places more pleasant, be they shops, bars or beaches.


LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), through-coloured made by rotational moulding process. UV rays protection. 100% recyclable. High mechanical resistance, made in great collision-proof plastic.

90x5xH150 cm
All available colors

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