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Pots for urban areas: Serralunga solutions

An elegant and unique way to separate, delimit or create a “green” path is to use pots and planters with native plants or even exotic species. Thanks to this ecological alternative, it is possible to give a touch of design and harmony to an urban area or a public space and make the air fragrant and cleaner and pleasantly surprise citizens and tourists. Moreover, especially if you use 100% recyclable polyethylene pots, it is a solution as well as creative and unique, absolutely eco-sustainable.

Serralunga's Pots: a perfect style exercise

The use of this type of green spacers allows to obtain the maximum result also in aesthetic terms, playing with the dimensions and colors of the vases, in order to enhance the characteristics of the place even more. Furthermore, by carefully choosing the flowers, plants and even some trees suitable for the season, it is possible to create truly original compositions that beautify the whole environment, giving new life to otherwise gray places.

The pots for urban areas by Serralunga designers

Perfect for the purpose are large pots, such as Primavera del Finnish designer Eero Aernio. The design of this particular vase comes from the meeting of two simple and basic shapes such as the cylinder and the sphere, which merge to give rise to a large classically inspired cup, ideal for holding plants and flowers. A sculptural and important solution, suitable for urban areas that do not go unnoticed.

Serralunga pays great attention to creativity and innovation and asks the designers it works with to go beyond what is imaginable. And that's exactly what Luisa Bocchetto does by drawing Vas-two and Big Bo , two vases with exceptional dimensions that pay homage to the classic shape of the vase by reinterpreting it with audacity and exuberance, even in their luminous version. Even the great designer Naoto Fukasawa reinterprets the classic shape of the vase in his own way. The result is a huge, extremely scenographic masterpiece that cannot go unnoticed: Cone.

The unexpected curvature of its structure catches the eye of any passerby for its originality. To furnish and define urban spaces with a modern and contemporary flavor, the Ming vases family (Ming Extra Large and Ming Extra High) by Rodolfo Dordoni is the ideal solution. Designed to house plants with hard shapes such as cacti or agaves, these large vases contrast with these thanks to their soft and harmonious gormi, between rounded curves and soft edges. A game of contrasts that shows how beauty also hides in contradiction.

The selection of Serralunga vases for street furniture is designed to make outdoor places public spaces in which to return to breathe, relax and take refuge.

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