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Versailles Pot:

royalty in public spaces

A touch of retro to warm the contemporaneity of urban spaces. The Versailles vase is a careful homage to the famous French palace, a modern reinterpretation of the iconic vase of the Orangerie by Louis XIV. The structure and construction are designed to move it easily and effortlessly and to withstand temperatures and bad weather during the cold season. With its unique style and warm color, it is the perfect vase to elegantly decorate refined urban spaces such as gardens, squares, avenues and urban public areas. The particular design with a cubic shape is studied to easily stack it and simplify its transport, as well as the 4 feet on which it rests. The vertical and horizontal lines, of classic taste, that mark it recall the juxtaposition of wooden slats, for an outdoor of great charm and a casual flavor.

Serralunga's vases for street furniture: characterize the environment in a unique way

Simple, classic, minimalist, contemporary shapes. The vases for street furniture by Serralunga create unique, elegant and refined environments, illuminating spaces and paths, emphasizing atmospheres and feelings, giving warmth and character to modern urban spaces and trends. Primavera, designed by Eero Aernio was born from the meeting of two simple and basic shapes such as the cylinder and the sphere, which create a vase with a timeless classicism. Sculptural and majestic, it is made of 100% recyclable, shockproof and non-deformable material. With Vas-Two and Big-Bo by Luisa Bocchietto, the shape of the vase par excellence becomes bold and exuberant. The large dimensions make them perfect for large public spaces such as gardens, reception areas and museums that want to return an idea of timeless classic with a unique touch of modernity, light and color. Naoto Fukasawa signs Cone , a new interpretation of the classic vase shape. Extremely scenographic, available in different sizes, it reassures and surprises us at the same time, thanks to the base with the traditional circular shape and the upper part, which widens more and more forming an original and unexpected curvature.Finally, the family of Ming vases designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Serralunga, wants to emphasize harmony and elegance hidden even in the contrasts. The soft shapes and rounded curves of Ming Extra Large and Ming Extra High are designed to accommodate plants with a contrasting appearance, such as cacti, agaves, fleshy and thorny cacti. A perfect combination to impress the patrons of large public spaces with a modern flavor. Serralunga's will is to participate in the creation of comfortable places, environments in which to take refuge, escape from reality and travel with thoughts. Spaces in which to breathe again, even when it comes to urban and public spaces.

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  1. Versailles
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  2. Vas-One Family & Big Bo
    Vas-One Family & Big Bo
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  3. Cone
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  4. Ming Family
    Ming Family
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    Ming High Family
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