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Large pots, for your garden

Large pots are the ideal element for transplanting large trees or bushes. They are in fact elements that contain a lot of earth and are able to give air to the plant guaranteeing its vitality.

A vase that also becomes a decorative element, to be placed inside your garden.


Are you looking for extra size vases for your projects? 



Discover our large pots

  1. Missed Tree
    Missed Tree
    As low as €274.50
  2. Vas-One Family & Big Bo
    Vas-One Family & Big Bo
    As low as €1,019.00
  3. Cone
    As low as €775.00
  4. Ming High Family
    Ming High Family
    As low as €415.00
  5. The Vases
    The Vases
    As low as €994.50
  6. Primavera
    As low as €1,055.50