Design Armchair Belle Etoile


A neoclassical icon par excellence has been reinterpreted by the Italian brand Serralunga with French designer Andrée Putman. This led to the creation of ""Belle étoile"", contemporary, refined furniture that is comfortable and goes beyond fashion trends, perfectly embodying ""The First, The Original"" Serralunga. The skilful use of the rotational moulding of plastics combines with small textile components through the use of soft, light, informal mattresses, by focusing on both practicality and elegance at the same time. The vocation of this contemporary furniture extends to indoor environments as well as outdoor ones, becoming a retreat in which you can relax in your outdoor area or offering precious seating.

This is how Andrée Putman expressed himself about his creation: ""Always tempted to reconcile modernity with tradition, I imagined how the méridienne (lounge chair) – a typically French piece of furniture – might be well suited to plastic. A bit like what the artist David did when he painted Madame de Récamier.

This sophisticated contemporary furniture, formed by a soft settee and a base, with simple, precise lines, is able to give the environment a certain atmosphere, whether at the poolside or in a lounge. The tones are a combination of simple and natural colours: «Putman» blue, white and grey evoke sweet dreams of a night «à la belle etoile». Thanks to its comfortable and inviting look, «Belle étoile», is a perpetual invitation to lounging and contemplation.""

Serralunga Belle Etoile is an object of Italian furniture, outdoor sofas and it also exists in the illuminated sofas version.

Technical data

L 176 x P/D 70 x H 74


  • opachi

    • IWH - Neve di San Candido
    • IV - Pietra di Matera
    • GG - Pietra delle Dolomiti
    • ANT - Antracite di Sardegna
    • BK - More di rovo
    • VOC - Olive di Cerignola
    • VMA - Origano di Sardegna
    • TO - Tortora di Torino
    • OR - Arancio
    • AZP - Azzurro Provenza
    • AQM - Acqua della Maddalena
    • BLP - Blu di Portofino
    • wh - bianco
    • RO - ROSSO
    • SAV - Salvia di Sardegna
    • FU - Fucsia
    • AG - Verde Mela
    • WH5 - Gesso di Bologna
    • TC2 - Terracotta classica
    • TC - Terracotta toscana
    • WP - Verde Pavone
    • TC4 - Terracotta scura
  • laccati DESIGN collection

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    • LMI - Bianco Latte
    • LBK - Nero
    • LOR - Arancio
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    • LZN - Laccato Zinco
  • laccati metallizzati DESIGN collection

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