Wall Decor Bingo


Serralunga’s Bingo numbers are beautiful representatives of wall art and wall décor. This is a decoration system with a contemporary and original twist: they can be used as house numbers, or to mark open-air areas and in big spaces, such as sports grounds.
The numbers are available in various colours, making it possible to choose the one most suitable for each setting. They are resistant to all climatic conditions.
Marta Daza Fernandez, wall art advocate, is the creator of Bingo.

Technical data

23/35 x 8 x 45 cm


  • opachi

    • IWH - Neve di San Candido
    • IV - Pietra di Matera
    • GG - Pietra delle Dolomiti
    • ANT - Antracite di Sardegna
    • BK - More di rovo
    • VOC - Olive di Cerignola
    • VMA - Origano di Sardegna
    • TO - Tortora di Torino
    • OR - Arancio
    • AZP - Azzurro Provenza
    • AQM - Acqua della Maddalena
    • BLP - Blu di Portofino
    • wh - bianco
    • RO - ROSSO
    • VOC - Verde olive di cerignola
    • SAV - Salvia di Sardegna